Rules Regulation

All students must attend the school assembly daily at 8:45 AM.

Note: An extra set of casual dress with label should be handed over to the class teacher.

Morning : Snacks and cereals during break Noon : Lunch (Rice, Vegetables)

The Attendance:

We stress the importance of regular attendance at school. Ensure that your child is regular & punctual. If a student needs to be away from school for an extended period(for more than 2-3days) a request inform from the parent/guardian prior to the absence is required. The school does not encourage children to be taken early or brought late to the school.

Birthday Celebration:

Children are naturally proud of their growth and development. In order to help the child to understand the importance of sharing they are allowed to gift pencils/erasers/puzzles/toys to the class. Please note that take home gifts for student are not permitted.

Dress code:

All the students should wear the prescribed uniform. Parents must ensure that their children come to school neatly dressed and maintain the dress code prescribed for him/her. Shoes must be clean and neatly polished.

Boys should have their hair cut regularly. Gold garments other than a small ear stud for girls are not permitted. If any student comes in improper uniform, it will be dealt with a warning at first and later with disciplinary action.

Disciplinary action

Violation of any of the school rules will entitle disciplinary action in the following stages.


1st stage Verbal warning
2nd stage Intimation to parents by the teacher
3rd stage Meeting of teacher with the parent

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